Employment Opportunities

It would be a delight to anyone to work at VITS. The friendly atmosphere and the encouragement from colleagues have continued to keep the fire of enthusiasm burning among employees at VITS.

What we Offer

VITS continues its search for exceptional individuals to do exceptional jobs. We offer you a unique working environment and a comfortable workplace to perform your job with utmost precision. Every person at VITS firmly believes in the power of teamwork and thus, in VITS, every team member's opinion or thought matters. This creates an open atmosphere of communication, where every idea is fostered and every contribution is appreciated. VITS provides opportunity to challenge the world. If any individual has the right talent and desire to grow, VITS welcomes them in their journey of excellence.

Work culture

At VITS, we believe that teamwork - Works!. It gives due respect to all its employees and keeps the passion towards innovative ideas bubbling among them. The amount of energy that every single team shows at VITS has been the key to its success.

Current openings

VITS welcomes all resumes through email at hr@vishalit.com.The internal database keeps track of records and gets in touch with suitable individuals when opportunities arise.

How to apply

If you are ready to jump into the pool of success, here we go with prestigious opportunities that are meant for the talented. You are welcome to contact the department heads directly. We respect every resume and believe that you could offer something for us. Let's meet and discuss. Please mail us at hr@vishalit.com.

VITS offers you not just a job, but a career.